What if your personal data really belongs to you?

Be Swarm revolutionizes the way you manage your personal data when using your applications.

A simple, effective and revolutionary approach

Be Swarm brings you a major evolution in personal data’s security and confidentiality.

We are convinced that today our digital privacy is definitely no longer assured. It is therefore time to fundamentally rethink the digital environment of tomorrow.

We have the will and the ambition to globally rethink the way in which our personal data is managed.

Your personal data in a complete confidential environment

All your personal data is stored in a unique and secure place of which only you hold the key. In other word, absolutely no application can access it without your consent.

This is the absolute guarantee that your personal data is not and cannot be used without your knowledge.

When you create an user account, you choose a key that only you know. When you identify yourself from an application, you enter this secret key. All of your personal data is then encrypted with this key before being backed up. Therefore, no one can access your data without knowing this key. Even if your data were to be stolen, it remains completely unusable.

Your data accessible from all your applications

Who has never complained when using a new app of having to re-enter again the same elements or having to re-enter again information already present in another application?

Thanks to Be Swarm and the fact that all your data is stored in one place, all your applications can have access to it, so there is no need to enter redundant information when using another application. The latter, provided that the user has authorized it, will be able to have access to this data.

This opens up immense perspectives beyond the simple re-entry procedure. Because the application can have access to all your data, it can enrich its business expertise with data management  by another application without ever having to ask you again.

An example: A nutrition app. will be able to have access to the user’s medical treatments, to their physical activity (if you have authorized it) in order to adapt their recommendations. An appointment booking app. with a professional will be able to access your schedule (if you have authorized it) and thus only offer you time slots according to your availability. A cash receipt dematerialization application can also enrich your expense tracking without you having to re-enter the purchase. Etc.

Change application as you see fit

We are convinced that being captive of an application is never good and that an user should be able to change it as they see fit without losing their data.

Because Be Swarm is a database that contains all your personal data, it is no longer necessary to use data portability since the data remains in your space. Changing the application becomes child’s play.

There is now a right to portability established by the recent GDPR but it does not offer a satisfactory solution. Indeed, the portability of the data guarantees users that they will be able to have a copy of their personal data but without any standardization of the format. As a result, the data thus recovered is often impossible to re-inject into another application.
With Be Swarm, all your applications feed your personal data in a single place to which you have full access. Your data is no longer disseminated in various databases of the application’s publisher but gathered in one place that belongs to you  and only you.
Changing apps no longer means having a copy of your data. Going back to an old app is just as easy.

If it's free ...

No company can exist without generating revenue. All free apps that manipulate your personal data resell it in order to generate income. This is why you are soaked in emails and advertisements.

At Be Swarm, we do not resell your data. You remember that we do not have access to it. Our subscriptions have a minimal cost that allows you to consider paying for an application or a service for the guarantee that personal data is neither resold nor exploited.

Tired of free apps that mine your personal data while inundating you with ads they are paid fo? Our business model is based on the payment of a subscription giving you access to a wide range of applications easily matched with other applications available in our catalog. This is why your data can be kept private and there is no need to drink ads in apps.

Your data is highly secured

It’s not just about storing your personal data. 

We have placed an emphasis on the security and availability of your data by using the most advanced encryption and storage technologies to ensure that your data is safe from loss and unwanted access.

This is why we have introduced an additional safety measure: the secret key. This allows Be Swarm to encrypt your data with the key that only you hold. Thus, even if the database were to be compromised, your data remains completely unusable because only you hold the key allowing to decrypt it. At the same time, it is the guarantee that Be Swarm will never be able to use your data without your knowledge.

Limit your energy impact

We use more and more applications on a daily basis which do not communicate with each other and which in fact unnecessarily duplicate a good part of our data causing an exponential consumption of storage space and therefore energy.

Beyond the purely security and confidential aspect provided by Be Swarm, we allow users to have a direct impact on data redundancy by drastically reducing the number of unnecessary servers that manage personal data copied to infinity and beyond.

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