Frequently asked questions

Why Be Swarm is different ?

The interest of Be Swarm is precisely not to change your habits. You continue to use applications that manipulate your personal data. The only difference compared to now is that you can rest assured that your personal data is only used by you and that you are no longer captive to an application. And that changes everything!

How much does it cost ?

The basic subscription is 9.99 Euros per year. Which is less than 1 euro per month. This price includes access to the Be Swarm platform as well as an application package. You can then purchase other applications present in the catalog.

What applications are available ?

The catalog of applications is regularly enriched. These are only applications that ethically manage your personal data such as nutrition, physical activity, health, expense tracking, document management, schedule management, etc.

Where is my data stored?

All your data is stored in highly secured databases. In addition, your data is encrypted with a key that only you know. These databases are hosted in European data centers exclusively. Your data can eventually be hosted directly in your private computer  if you wish.

How is my user account secured ?

We attach great importance to data security.

Apart from the fact that your data is completely encrypted, it can happen that by a phishing attempt a hacker tries to appropriate your credentials. To retaliate, we offer several mechanisms such as:

Two-factor authentication.

Alert when a new connection is made or attempted from a new location.

An original mechanism which consists in displaying a word that you have chosen when you enter your login. If the word is displayed after entering the login and before entering the password, this guarantees that you are on the real Be Swarm authentication page.

We try to innovate regularly in order to guarantee maximum security.

I can trust the applications offered ?

Yes. Total trust confidence. All the publishers developing applications around Be Swarm share the same values as us on the ethical management of personal data. This is precisely why they offer applications on our platform. These are paid on the sale of the application and not on the resale of your personal data.

I have a question ?

Do you have a question and have not found the answer?

Do not hesitate to contract us. We will be happy to provide you with an answer.