Questions/ Réponses

QWhat is my interest as a developer ?

The major interests are the drastic simplification of development while being fully compliant with the GDPR. It means offering easily  applications compatible with new user requirements.

How am i paid?

Very simply. You register your application in our catalog. When a user purchases your app from the Be Swarm platform, we credit your account. We will give you monthly your share.

Am i in compliance with the GDPR ?

Yes in full compliance because you have nothing to do. All GDPR compliance is handled by Be Swarm.

Will i lose my users if I no longer keep them captive by storing their data ?

Precisely no. If a user is satisfied with an application there is no reason to change it. Furthermore, the GDPR now requires data portability. It is therefore not by handcuffing users that you really keep them. Now users want to be free and be able to switch applications as they see fit. A bit like changing phones without losing contacts. In addition, an application must share the data it produces just as it can use data produced by other applications.

What kind of applications can i develop ?

Any kind of application handling personal data. This covers for example nutrition, sport, physical activity, health, expense tracking, schedules, personal documents, etc. In fact, all applications that currently exist will find their place on Be Swarm platform with the advantages offered by our vision of personal data.

We offer you the chance to deliver the demand tomorrow user’s apps  today.

How to develop an application that handles personal data not provided for by Be Swarm ?

We already offer a very wide spectrum of types of personal data that can be handled. If, however, you have a need that we have not yet identified and which is related to our policy, we will develop it in order to provide it to you. Our interest is to cover the management of personal data as widely as possible.

How am i helped in my developments ?

If you feel the need, we can be by your side. We will  guide you as best as possible in your developments. Whether it’s on how to best use the Be Swarm platform or how to structure your application. Although very easy to use, Be Swarm does not require extensive learning. However, if you want to master advanced concepts, we are able to offer targeted training in relation to your expectations, or even support you throughout your project. Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.

Where to find our technical documentation?

We are developers like you and we know that documentations should be as simple and as short as possible.

So, we provide you with:

– Full description of our web api at the following address:

– A general guide downloadable at the following address:

We will soon be offering a forum as well as a slack channel so that you can chat even more easily.