How about developing apps faster?

Be Swarm revolutionizes the way to develop app. by simplifying the management of personal data.

Developing an application that manipulates personal data is far from easy. The regulations impose strong constraints. Security is very difficult to implement.

Having the trust of a user takes a lot of rigor.

We know it and that is why we designed Be Swarm.

Free yourself from complex authentication procedures

Setting up secure authentication procedures is extremely complex.

With Be Swarm, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. User authentication is fully managed by the platform through an OAuth2 mechanism. All you have to do is register your application and call the authentication url. In return, you will receive an identification token.

Your application is thus extremely valued because it guarantees the user a flawless authentication.

Without any line of code, you have access to multi-level authentication mechanisms, user / password, two-factor authentication, access control based on ip address, device fingerprint, and more.

Be easily in compliance with the GDPR

The management of personal data is extremely complex and highly regulated. Failure to comply now results in heavy fines.

A large amount of development time is often devoted to this task which is not directly visible from the application and which therefore offers no added value but remains essential.

With the Be Swarm platform, all personal user data is securely stored and in accordance with the GDPR without you having to worry about it. Your only mission is to devote yourself to the business logic of your application as well as its user experience.

Your application is “GDPR compliant” without doing anything.

You want to develop an application handling personal data but you don’t really know what to do at the GDPR level or you know exactly what to do but you find it long and complex to implement. Thanks to Be Swarm, this is no longer your problem. All compliance constraints are managed. Since your application no longer has to store and manage personal data, you recover your peace of mind. Your application is compliant without you having to do anything.

No more worrying about data storage

Where to store the data? How? ‘Or’ What ? What space? How many simultaneous accesses?

These are the questions to ask when developing an application designed for the general public.

With Be Swarm, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You have at your disposal powerful APIs to manage any type of personal data without having to manage storage, security or scaling.

Whether your app. is used by 100 or 100,000 users, that’s the same for you.

Take the guesswork out of data management, database, security, data leaks, geographic location of data. Consider Be Swarm as a super secure database specializing in the storage of personal data fully managed and made available to you. Your application gains in performance and security and is in perfect harmony with user expectations.

Develop your applications much faster

Developing an application today involves the implementation of a large technical stack that is not visible to the user but critical to the success of the application.

Developing a great application with a great but unreliable user interface is bound to be a failure. Additionally, not everyone has strong skills in security, data availability and scaling. You have to manage user accounts, authentication mechanisms and data storage, all tasks invisible to the user but vital to the application. Finally, an application compliant with the GDPR must also offer all required functionalities such as the right to be forgotten, data portability, etc.
Thanks to Be Swarm, all this complex world disappears before you because it is our specialty and we make it available to you. All you need to do is focus on your user interface and business logic.


The added value of an application is on how it looks and on what it does, but not on that the user cannot see. Yet, it is often on the latter  that problems arise. There are too many examples of great applications that have seen themselves totally discredited because of poor management of data security and or a lack of reliability in data storage, or even a lack of of measurement at GDPR level. So why take risks and waste time developing this part? Be Swarm does it perfectly. You are therefore safe from a nasty surprise.

Access all user data

Unfortunately, it is extremely common for an application to have to ask an user for data that has already been entered in another application.


In addition, it requires developing a functional part just to collect data often in a less professional way than a specialized application. With Be Swarm, you can have access to all user’s allowed data so you don’t have to ask for it again.

And then, why shouldn’t the data you manage with your application be used by other applications?

With Be Swarm, your application becomes an added value for another application. And their data becomes an added value to yours.

Having access to all user’s data opens up immense possibilities.

Example: You have decided to develop a great nutritional tracking application. Your goal is to collect meal’s orders and your revolutionary artificial intelligence will suggest the next meals. To do this, you would want to know the user’s physical activity, or why not the medical treatments they are undergoing in order to perfect your analysis. Your application will therefore have to request them. Bad luck, your health app user already has an app that allows him to track his physical activity and an app that reminds him of the treatments to take. The latter may therefore find it very complex and prohibitive to re-enter this data again in your application. Thanks to Be Swarm, you will have native access to this information without having to ask for it since it is present on your user’s account and allowed by the user. You use data without having to ask again to enter it. Your app stays focused on what it was designed for. In addition, the data you have generated on food tracking will be used for other applications just like the ones you have used.

Publish your app and get paid

After developing your application, you set its subscription price and simply register it in Be Swarm applications catalog.

As soon as an user decides to purchase your app, we take care of the purchase and automatically return your earnings to you.

Your dashboard constantly shows the status of your sales as well as the popularity of your application. All this without you having to do anything.

Developing a monetization system is not easy. Publishing an app on current stores risks being the umpteenth app among thousands of others doing the same. In addition, these stores are paid only on the sales of your applications without any other services than the visibility of your application. With Be Swarm, we also take a percentage of the sales of your applications, but the service offered is vastly different. Indeed, in addition to the visibility of your application by users concerned with the management of their personal data, you benefit from access to data, storage and security without you having to develop it and without having to to provision complex infrastructures.

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